A Life In the Day of Phred the Elder

Once upon a time there was an idea… more or less.

One of the new year’s intentions I made for 2015 was to become a blogger. (Truth be told: I have not a CLUE what that means to others, to me it meant to start writing in public several times a week.) Since there was so much information on the internet I started a search to find out what I needed to do to reach this lofty goal.

Talk about sipping from the fire hose. Three migraine headaches later I collapsed into a fetal position and whimpered for a day. And so ended my first pass at becoming a blogger.

Now, this doesn’t mean I quit trying, just that I didn’t have any understanding on how or where to go. Talking to a couple of friends turned up the name wordpress (I had read the term a couple of times in my earlier searching, but did not grasp the significance of it) as a place to blog.  So, after a stimulating (and bracing) cup o’ coffee, I started my trek to this wonderland. The “single step” of the proverbial thousand step journey is here. Only 999 more to go.

Dear reader, thank you for joining my journey. If you find anything of value in the beverage squeezed from the lemons of my life, please let me know. I know not the path this trip will take, but I hope to leave breadcrumbs (and perhaps rinds) on the path for others to follow. Feeding the birds is just an added benefit.

Phred.  Post 1 of n.


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