Sermon From the Sidelines: A One Minute Message on the Duty of a Watchman (*)

“So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman …” Ezekiel 33:7a

Scripture to meditate upon: Ezekiel 33:1 – 9

As we were wrapping up the group discussion on witnessing this week, the leader pointed out how hard it is to “pull the trigger” and ask for a commitment to Christ and His kingdom. Because it is easier and less threatening to dodge the “are you ready to choose” than to face the flack that might come up, we tend to play it safe and wait for a better time.

On the ride home, I remembered an illustration from earlier training classes: the burning building example. Just this year the news reported a story where a neighbor saw the house next door on fire and ran into the kitchen and started yelling for the people to leave the building. A mother and her children were awakened and fled to safety as a result. In a similar way, the lost world around us are asleep in a building destined to destruction by fire.

Consider this: accepting the Lordship of Christ and His kingdom comes with a view. Think of yourself sitting on the lifeguard tower at the beach, looking out over the multitudes splashing about and oblivious to danger. In the background is the sound of a cello (dum dum dum dum….) and in the distance is a grey dorsal fin….


Phred the Elder
DC3 Fireside Heretic Laureate

(* Disclaimer: 60 Second Sermon guaranteed if you read fast enough)

[Originally posted as e-mail on 2/22/2010]


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