Blog U101, Day 1 (Sort of…), A Time Travel Adventure

[ED. Note: This is a repeat posting that was inadvertanty deleted somehow while on my recent road trip. Sorry]
Looking through the blogosphere on WordPress, there was a series of assignments to help newbies improve their content and impact. Reading some of the posts has convinced me there is merit to doing (at least some of) the assignments. So, mingled within the “normal” stream of constiousness from this site will be posts directed at completing various assignments from last year’s project. (You can find the whole program here:  Be aware the assignments start at the bottom and work upward…so it may take a while to get to a reasonable depth. And if the link acts wonky try http:// rather than the secure link?) These postings will have a U101 in the title and the tag #zerotohero attached.
Day 1’s assignment was an initial post. Simply write anything and get it into the world. Been  there, done that. So why revisit the assignment? Because it was suggested this post answer several questions regarding the eventual focus of the blog: who do you want to reach, why public and not private, what topics might show up and what do you want to accomplish by the end of the year. Frankly, these seemed like pretty good questions to answer at least in my mind. So this post is to augment (and perhaps replace) my initial posting.
Welcome to my blog. I am sharing my life (at least some of the more “interesting” parts with  you (the world at large) in the hopes you might find something that adds value to your time. I have kept an e-journal of daily events and activities for a couple of years now, and occasionally review the entries for reminders and inspiration. The hope is some of what I share here might also provide a break from your routine, jiggle a laugh loose, nudge a “hmmm” or “WHAT” out of someone who might need (or desire) one.
I have been mostly a verbal entertainer over the decades, relying on the interaction of my audience to determine direction and effectiveness of my “act.”  Climbing into the spotlight of the written stage is outside of my comfort zone. While I have had the intention to become a writer for many years now, to actually commit to the process and generate output on an on-going basis is one of the major reasons for this work. At the end of the year, I plan on looking back and seeing great progress in translating the static in my head into something tangible, nay, beneficial to both myself and others. Perhaps this effort will be the springboard I need to actually write the books I have laid claim to “be working on” lo these many years. At the very least, I will have demonstrable proof (or the glaring lack thereof) that I was able to keep my commitment of 3+ entries a week for a year.
And so the only other suggested question left to answer is by far the hardest for me to grasp. Who am I writing this for and who am I trying to reach? Well, the first part is brutally simple: I’m writing this for ME. It is to stroke my own ego and to assuage the pangs of loneliness within the walls of my apartment (or skull, whichever comes first). Reaching out to whom else, now that is an interesting question. After a (reasonable) period of soul searching, I can categorically answer that I have no idea. The closest I can come to is someone sort of like me: possessing a slightly deviant personality that cringes at the thought of conforming to what passes as “normal,” preferring rather to allow others the freedom to be what they want to be without the need to join them mindlessly. A frequent phrase in my vocabulary is “you [they] are entitled to your [their] delusions, too…”
I have taken (of my own accord, they would not necessarily agree) the (unofficial) title of “church heretic” within my circle of friends. In the broadest, general definition of the word, it means being at some point of disagreement with the mainstream doctrine or teaching of the group. While I am in agreement with substantially all points, the opportunity to hold thoughts unique and variant from the herd is a part of my psyche I hold most dear.
To like-minded folk in the greater blogosphere, I hereby launch a flare…
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