Don’t Open This File

If this is not a printed paper copy, close it immediately, log off any connectivity and change your location immediately. You are in significant danger.

If you are reading this in printed format, be aware you are still in danger, especially if they find out you know about the program. I strongly suggest you do not keep any proof that you have read (or even know about it’s existence) the information contained here. They do not want their actions known by the general public lest an uprising should be launched.

You have been warned.

I believe there is activity to eliminate people with technological knowledge and abilities. Who is behind this activity is unclear, whether it is a shadow governmental group, a intellectual elitist think tank group, or a malevolent AI that has become sentient, it doesn’t really matter. Who doesn’t matter, what, why, and how does.

There has been an understanding of the interaction between brain activity and visual stimulus for years, that certain combination of flashing lights and colours can induce seizures in susceptible individuals. Recent research and development has brought better understanding of the process in genome action and programming. Neural networking and fuzzy programming to develop inorganic intelligence has progressed much further than is commonly understood or acknowledged. I believe the combination of these disparate activities have been combined to induce demonstrable physical and chemical changes in mental activity, to re-program the wetware program of people’s brains.

I believe there is a program (or a series of programs, probably) sending corrupted files designed to destroy the minds of people capable of detecting and defeating this menace. I think the actual file is not very large or complex, that exposure to a specific combination of images or lights for approximately 10-15 seconds is sufficient to “program” the victim to induce self destruction of brain cells. Possible methods include Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and prion protein development, to destroy mental functioning.

It was brought to my attention by a blind friend that was working in a development firm. He received an attached file that he could not interpret and had a coworker view. A couple of weeks later the worker was hospitalized with seizures and diagnosed with mad-cow disease.  My blind friend said his coworker was a vegan and that there was something odd at work. Several others working in related industries have suggested hidden links to some kind of work-related injuries being received.

I feel this is just a small test run prior to a broad application to the general public at large. With the wide distribution of HDTV and broadband connectivity, it could easily be imagined that vast swaths of the general public could be destroyed with a clever mid-game advertisement. A subliminal message by adding a image (it would not need to be the main message, just a small part of the image would provide enough data bandwidth to program anyone looking towards the screen. Depending on the specific program the onset might take an extended time to execute, perhaps years. The increase in dementia could be the fruit of an earlier test run.

I am totally in the dark as to why this is being done, especially at this time. What perceived danger to the hidden power might exist to pull the trigger at this time is frightening. But I am centain the danger exists now and will only increase in the next few months.

That you have read this far suggests you might want to get further involved in distributing this message. I think the old methods are the best, that of manual transcription. Do not under any circumstances scan or copy this message using a xerox  type photocopier, since they have been connected to the internet for over a decade and the last thing you want to do is broadcast your involvement or intent to the power at large. A manual (non-electric) typewriter might work, but the ribbon MUST be destroyed as soon as you are finished, to prevent discovery. Manual transcription in pencil (non-photo blue is probably best, although a full chromatic scan would still reveal the text, at least a casual scan would not reveal the materials) on plain paper is best. Wearing gloves (to prevent latent finger and palm prints) while handling all materials is not a sign of excessive paranoia, rather it might just save your life.

I am scheduled to do an interview with George Noory April 20th. I hope to provide more details at that time and make the conspiracy known at that time. If I don’t make that interview, you can presume  they have gotten to me.

In the meantime, don’t open ANY attachments you can not verify the source with total certainty. Better yet, don’t use electronic media at all. I don’t think they have determined how to do organic programming using aural transmission methods yet, so listening to radio messages is still “safe.”  Be careful, alert, and forewarned.

We are the last, best hope for humanity.


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