A Century Of Writing (Days)

Well, even though this is late, it is a recognition of a milestone in my writing career. On May the 20th, two monumental events occurred: David Letterman hosted his last show of Late Night with David Letterman, and 100 days had passed since starting this blog.

Of the two, the TV event was certainly the more celebrated and recognized. In my life, however, the passing of time and the point that I am still here, plugging away at the keyboard is significantly more important. Frankly, I had serious doubts about the chances of keeping to a new habitual behavior for more than a couple of weeks. (This is the principle reason that I stopped making “New Year’s Resolutions” half a decade ago. Now I do “New Year’s Intentions” to suggest I already know I will probably fail before the year…quarter…month…week…day…hour passes.)

But now I have kept up for nearly a third of a year. (OK, OK, I confess to having failed in my 3-a-week just now, but I claim extenuating circumstances and the need to assist my kids in a galaxy city far, far away….) What an exciting accomplishment, and a wild ride as well. I crunched the numbers from the stats page (goes back to my days as an analyst and statistician) and found a few interesting things.

So far, I have had 355 visitors to the site and altogether they viewed 704 pages. The bulk of the visitors came from the U.S.A. (which is to be expected) but there were an additional 13 countries listed (in alphabetical order: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia,  Pakistan, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom). Statistics appear for 64 different pages and posts (there are a few missing, but they may be linked pages that are not counted) and total views range from 1 to 33 each (the home page has 195 views by itself).

Is this significant information, useful, or even relevant? Not to most, for sure, but to me it is a fascinating glimpse of the world at large and my (microscopic) part within it. In many ways it has already exceeded my wildest expectations. It is (at the very least) sufficient to keep going for (at least) another third of a year and see what the numbers show then.

Thanks to all who have participated and keep checking in…


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A 1 Month Anniversary

It is official, this blog is a month old as of yesterday. I have been writing a whole month consistently and have had a ball. While it may not be important in the overall scheme of things, it is nevertheless a milestone (well, more of a ‘yardstone’ but it is progress) in my career as a writer. Eventually I will be able to add additional markers along the way, the first-quarter, 100th posting, first paycheck, first million likes, first world domination. (Aim small and hit your target.)

I was asked when I was going to quit this whole blog thing. I had to think about it for a while and I think I finally know the answer…

I’ll quit when I can no longer carry the royalties check to the bank because it’s so big…


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EOM Progress Reportcard

Turn the calendar page and look back? Seems strange, but sometimes the best way to plan for the future is to take stock of where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

February was the start of this adventure (and not for the whole month) and saw 21 posts viewed by 87 visitors a total of 216 times (some pages viewed more than others, of course). 6 people liked entries, (in WP, others made comments in FB but they don’t show up on the statistics page here), 5 people made comments and 4 people became POP (Phollowers Of Phred). And, perhaps the most interesting (amazing?) stat from the first three weeks of work is there were 2 viewers from other countries (Turkey and Pakistan).

I am blown away. The results greatly exceeded my mildest expectations.(What, you thought I’d say “wildest” expectations? Were I to voice those I would be presented with a new place of lodging where my every need would be attended to, complete with a brand new wardrobe of long-sleeved canvas shirts that tie up the back and monogrammed upside down to assist in remembering who I am supposed to be….) I expected my friends to take a glance a couple of times but the coolest thing was how I would post an entry and often before I could refresh my pages in the browser someone would have already viewed the post.  I am totally in awe of this world I have leaped into.

And what a world it is, indeed. I have spent much more time reading and looking than writing. I find myself reading posts on topics that last year I would never have thought to glance at, and each discovery requires reading several other posts by each author to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you, fellow bloggers, for doing what I am and so, so much more. You are driving me to do more and better this month (and the next, and …)

This month was easier than I had anticipated (though I had intentionally set the bar of 3+ posts a week really low to make it easy to reach. Thanks Leo (of Zen Habits) for the pattern of habit building.

Stay tuned for more.


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